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Certified Human Resource Management Manager

  • Accredited by International Certification Body IFS Approved by Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai
  • 60 Hours Duration for Part 1/60 Hours for Part2, Friday & Saturday Classess for Professionals
  • Weekday Classess Also available
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Human resource management (HRM) is the Strategic and coherent approach to the Management of an organization’s most Valued assets - the people working there who Individually and collectively contribute to the Achievement of the objectives of the business. The terms “Human resource management” and “Human resources” (HR) have largely replaced the term “Personnel Man agement” as a description Of the processes involved in managing people in Organizations . Human Resource management is evolv ing rapidly. Human resource Management is both an academic theory and a business practice that addresses the theoretical and practical techniques of managing a workforce .The fancy word for “people.” The human resources department within an organization, years ago known as the “personnel department,” manages the administrative aspects of the employees. Human Resources are Personnel pool available to an organization. The most important resource in any organization is its human resources. Appropriate human resources assure an organization that the right number and kind of people are available at the right time and place so that orga nizational needs can be met.

(CHRMM) Certified Human Resource Management Manager

Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Definition and Basis of strategic HRM
  • Concepts of Strategic HRM a.Resource Based View b.Strategic Fit c.Strategic Flexibility
  • The Best Practice Approach
  • Practical Implications of Strategic HRM
HR Planning & HR Budgeting
  • Overview of HR Planning
  • Managerial Issues in HR Planning
  • Selecting Forecasting Techniques a.Forecasting HR Supply b.Forecasting HR Demand
  • HR Budgeting
HR Policies, Procedures & Systems
  • HR Policies
  • HR Standard Operating Procedures
  • HR Information System
  • Payroll Management System
HR Strategies
  • Employee Engagement Strategy
  • High Performance Strategy
  • Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Final project
Organizational Development & Change Management
  • Definition and Basis of Organization Development
  • OD Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Culture
UAE Labor Laws
  • Current Trends In Labour And Employment Law
  • Free Zone Labor Laws and Regulations